You will find here a list of what I am involved with, and everything I want to publish on my web site, so that my friends can access it.

    Hawaii Dec 19 to 31, 2014
    Photos from our Winter 2014 trip to the Big Island of Hawaii. We first went to Volcano National Park on the East side, and spent the rest of the trip in the West.
    602 photos by Philippe Lamoise
    Selection of best photos (274 photos)

    Fall 2014 Oct 24 to Nov 5, 2014
    Photos from our Fall 2014 trip to London and France. We stopped at my cousins in Ferrieres en Gatinais (south of Paris), then went to Burgundy, Alsace with the Ecomusee and the Haut Koenigsbourg, and finished in Paris.
    Selection of best photos (196 photos) - All the photos (632 photos)
    352 photos by Philippe Lamoise - 280 photos by Dugan Moore

    Summer 2014 Jul 9 to Aug 3, 2014
    Photos from Summer 2014. A few days in Paris, the rest of the time in Lourmarin. Avignon Theater Festival, gastronomic dinner, auberge du Castelas, La bastide de Capelongue, Cucuron, etc.
    362 photos by Philippe and Dugan

    Sydney Rotary Convention May 29 to June 8, 2014
    Our annual trip to the Rotary Convention. This year was in Sydney, Australia. We spent about 12 days there, with some sightseeing before and after the Convention. We saw the Barracks Museum, Opera House, Rotary events, the White Rabbit Gallery, the Maritime Museum, the Blue Mountains Scenic World, Featherdale, the Fishmarket, and more.
    Selection of best photos (195 photos) - All the photos (527 photos)
    387 photos by Philippe Lamoise - 141 photos by Dugan Moore

    Family Pictures
    This is a collection of all my family pictures. I am trying to identify all the people in the photos. If someone is not identified and you know who it might be, please add a comment to the photo.
    31 photos

    South Caribbean April 23 to May 4, 2014
    A Rotary trip to the annual Conference of District 7030 in Fort-de-France, followed by 4 extra days in Martinique and 3 days in Guadeloupe.
    Selection of best photos (89 photos) - All the photos (349 photos)
    207 photos by Philippe Lamoise - 146 photos by Dugan Moore

    Mexico - Yucatan Dec 19 to 31, 2013
    We spent a couple of weeks in Mexico around Christmas with Dugan. We flew to Cancun, spent one night there, drove to Chichen Itza, stayed a couple of nights there, and spent the rest of the trip in Akumal, a small beach community between Tulum and Playa del Carmen. Nikki, Bobo and Kai joined us there.
    204 photos by Philippe Lamoise

    Washington DC 30 Oct to 3 Nov, 2013
    A long weekend to the nation's capital in the fall.
    161 photos by Philippe Lamoise

    Summer 2013 20 Jun to 9 Jul, 2013
    Summer trip in 2013, starting with the Rotary International Convention in Lisbon, Portugal, followed by 10 days in Provence.
    206 photos by Philippe Lamoise

    East Africa 2007 to 2013
    I am displaying the photos from 6 different trips to East Africa for Rotary project visits in Kenya and Uganda, to places like Nairobi, Mombasa, Kampala, Jinja, and also multiple safaris. It started with a Group Study Exchange trip in 2001, then another trip on my own in 2003. Then there was a District 5340 trip in January 2007. Then a trip with Mel and Judy Gallegos in May 2009 to attend the district 9200 Conference in Nairobi. Then the Vocational Training Team trip to Uganda in December 2010 / January 2011. Finally the April 2013 trip to the District 9200 Conference in Mombasa.
    Thousands of photos by Philippe Lamoise and others

    Summer 2011 Aug 20 to Sep 16, 2011
    Photos from Summer 2011. Family birthday celebration for my uncle Guy Oberlin in the Alps, Aug 26 to 28.
    131 photos by Philippe Lamoise

    Summer 2010 Aug 1 to 16, 2010
    Photos from Summer 2010. Lunch at Yves and Eve-Lise on Aug 3, Marseille on Aug 5, gastronomic dinner on Aug 6, Bonnieux, Avignon, Pont du Gard, and hike on the Luberon on Aug 13.
    399 photos by Philippe Lamoise

    Tahiti Apr 27 to May 7, 2011
    A trip to French Polynesia as the Rotary International President's Representative to the District 9920 Conference in Papeete. The District Governor, Nicolas Spillmann, had a 'New Generations' theme at his Conference, and invited Liz Raines and Brittany Catton to join me after seeing their presentation at the International Assembly.
    326 photos by Philippe Lamoise
    32 photos by Liz Raines
    451 photos by Brittany Catton

    Summer 2009 Jul 26 to Aug 14, 2009
    Photos from Summer 2009.
    25 photos by Philippe Lamoise

    Jamaica Feb 28 to Mar 8, 2009
    I spent a week in Jamaica with Rotarian friends Rob Mullally, Liz Raines, Brittany Catton, and Lila Chahroudi. The main reason for the trip was to attend the Charter ceremony of the Trafalgar New Heights Rotary Club (New Generations).
    888 photos by Philippe Lamoise
    Hummingbirds (66 photos)

    India Nov 5 to 26, 2008
    I was invited to visit District 3070 again, and speak at their Foundation Seminar. This was an opportunity to visit many of the Rotary projects I did in the past, and try to find new future projects. I did a tour of district 3070 to speak at multiple Rotary Clubs, and went back through Chandigarh and Delhi where I also had some speaking engagements.
    696 photos by Philippe Lamoise

    Summer 2008 Aug 8 to 27, 2008
    Photos from Summer 2008.
    99 photos by Philippe Lamoise

    Egypt Oct 24 to Nov 7, 2007
    I went to Egypt for a pleasure/Rotary trip. I visited the famous archeological sites, but also established connections with the local Rotarians in Alexandria and Cairo. I started in Alexandria on my own, and Odile joined me in Cairo to visit the archeological sites, and to do a short cruise on the Nile.
    855 photos by Philippe Lamoise

    Tunisia - Dennis Manyak Oct 18 to 24, 2007
    I went to Tunisia for the dedication ceremony of a matching grant we did with the Torrey Pines Rotary Club. We donated a vehicle to an SOS Village Orphanage in Tunis. We visited Tunis, Dougga, Kairouan, El Jem, etc.
    698 photos by Philippe Lamoise
    252 photos by Official Photographer
    141 photos by Dennis Manyak

    Summer 2007 Jul 26 to Aug 21, 2007
    Photos from Summer 2007. Gastronomic dinner on Aug 17.
    57 photos by Philippe Lamoise

    South Africa Oct 28 to 30, 2006
    I went to South Africa before going to the West Africa Project Fair in October 2006. I went to visit Missionvale in Port Elizabeth. This is a center to help the local community, run by Sister Ethel Normoyle, who spoke at the RI Convention in Copenhagen. Terry Caster and the Coronado Rotary Club ended up doing some projects over there following up on my visit.
    0 photos by Philippe Lamoise

    West Africa Project Fair 2006 Oct 30 to Nov 7, 2006
    I went to the West Africa Project Fair in November 2006, and participated in a National Immunization Day in Ghana. This was the second West Africa Project Fair, much better attended than the first one since there was a big group of International Partners in a tour organized by Brad Howard.
    Over 1,600 photos by Philippe Lamoise and traveling companions

    West Africa Project Fair 2005 Oct 11 to 18, 2005
    The first West Africa Project Fair was held in Accra, Ghana in October 2005. I collected over 175 matching grant projects that have been entered on my Matching Grant Website. I also visited a few project sites. A school visit with the Tema Rotary Club, a Street Aid Project in Accra, and the Orphanage Africa site on the North of Accra.
    195 photos by Philippe Lamoise

    Grand Canyon Aug 19, 2005
    A quick trip to the Grand Canyon with Odile.
    113 photos by Philippe Lamoise

    Sailing in San Diego 2002 to 2005
    A combination of 3 sailing days: Sep 28, 2002 with Alan and Kendra, Sep 21, 2003 with Paul Hartley, Jim Hughes, and Rotary Scholars, and Aug 13, 2005 with Paul Hartley and Odile.
    55 photos by Philippe Lamoise

    Summer 2005 Jul 1 to 25, 2005
    Photos from Summer 2005. Hiking in the Luberon. Ansouis.
    70 photos by Philippe Lamoise

    Serving Hands in Tecate Dec 11, 2004
    With Serving Hands International a one-day trip to Tecate, Mexico. Delivery of food, blankets, shoes, backpacks to the poor.
    112 photos by Philippe Lamoise

    India Oct 28 to Nov 22, 2004
    My second trip to India, as a Rotary Volunteer hosted by the Dharamsala Rotary Club in District 3070.
    392 photos by Philippe Lamoise

    Hawaii Sep 28 to Oct 5, 2004
    I went to Honolulu for the Rotary Zone Institute. I did not take any photos at the Institute, but took a few after that, in Honolulu and Maui.
    59 photos by Philippe Lamoise

    Low Cost Shelters in Tijuana Sep 21, 2004
    Serving Hands International, a non-profit 501(c)(3), was created in 1982 by Terry Caster to help the poor in underdeveloped countries. Charter member of the Mission Valley Rotary Club, Terry Caster has been working on lots of projects in the Tijuana area, including a few Low Cost Shelter projects. We visited one of these projects on September 21, 2004, with Jose Herrera, Rotary Foundation representative from the Dominican Republic.
    36 photos by Philippe Lamoise

    Summer 2004 Jul 21 to Aug 10, 2004
    Photos from Summer 2004. Abbaye of Senanque, Gordes, Orange, Vaison. Pierre Croux Party on Aug 1, and party at Agyue on Aug 5.
    121 photos by Philippe Lamoise

    Japan May 19 to 31, 2004
    2004 Rotary International Convention in Osaka, Japan With a side trip to Nara and Mont Koya before the convention, and 5 days in Kyoto after the convention. Pierre Croux, and Marc and Nicole Van Ysendyck were in the group.
    1052 photos by Philippe Lamoise

    Berlin Apr 14 to 18, 2004
    A 4-day trip to Berlin in the spring with Odile.
    162 photos by Philippe Lamoise

    Summer 2003 Jul 14 to Aug 15, 2003
    Photos from Summer 2003. The Eco-Musee in Ungersheim (Alsace) Party at Jean-Claude Lapeyre on Jul 25, Party at Aguye on Jul 31, village of Vaison La Romaine, Pont du Gard, Uzes, and a series of cat photos.
    320 photos by Philippe Lamoise

    Lady Elliot Island Jun 5, 2003
    The Lady Elliot island is in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. I was down in Australia the first week of June 2003 for the International Convention of Rotary. I stayed a few days after the convention, and took a day-trip to the Lady Elliot island, on the southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef. 12 of us flew in a small airplane to the deserted island. There was only one other plane in the island, so the total population was 24 for the day, plus a few maintenance workers! The island is great for snorkeling, the water is crystal clear. I did not take pictures underwater, but I have a few of the fish in the lagoon.
    105 photos by Philippe Lamoise

    Wheelchairs for Malawi Mar 23 to Apr 6, 2003
    Photos from the 2003 trip to Malawi for the delivery of 2,000 wheelchairs all over the country with a team of Rotarians from District 5340. We went to Lilongwe, Blantyre, and all district hospitals in the country. Also stopped for a safari at Mvuu Camp.
    Thousands of photos by team members

    India Jan 27 to Mar 6, 2003
    My first trip to India, as a Rotary Volunteer hosted by the Dharamsala Rotary Club in District 3070. I provided training on video editing to the monks at the Dalai Lama monastery in McLoad Ganj.
    876 photos by Philippe Lamoise

    Winter 2002 Dec 11, 2002 to Jan 8, 2003
    Photos from Winter 2002-03. Truffle festival in Menerbes. St Tropez. Lunch at the Carboulets. Photos of santons.
    139 photos by Philippe Lamoise

    International Relief Teams - Tijuana Nov 13, 2001 and Oct 5, 2002
    IRT was sending construction teams to Tijuana, Mexico, to help building a medical clinic to serve the poor. The clinic is in Colonia Miramar, Tijuana, Mexico. Both skilled and unskilled volunteers were needed. The one-day teams were going every two weeks on Saturdays. Here are photos from 2 trips I made, on November 13, 2001, and October 5, 2002.
    26 photos by Philippe Lamoise

    Summer 2002 Jun 21 to 17 Aug, 2002
    Photos from Summer 2002. Some photos in June on the way to the 2002 Rotary International Convention in Barcelona. Party at Aguye on Aug 1, village of Lourmarin, farmers' market, and Luberon hike on Aug 13.
    226 photos by Philippe Lamoise

    Barcelona, Spain Jun 23 to 27, 2002
    2002 Rotary International Convention in Barcelona. The annual convention, including pictures of the plenary sessions, the city of Barcelona, the Sagrada Familia, and the Governor's reception.
    245 photos by Philippe Lamoise

    Rotary In Action TV Show January 2001 to May 2002
    Photos of the guests, set and crews of the Rotary In Action TV Show produced at the Del Mar TV Station with Marty Peters.
    32 photos by Philippe Lamoise

    Costa Rica - Amisconde La marta Nov 28 to Dec 6, 2001
    A 3H Grant project from Rotary International. The project is providing some education and help to local people to improve their living condition, in specific ways to protect the local rain forest and help reforestation.
    168 photos by Philippe Lamoise

    Summer 2001 Jul 24 to Aug 16, 2001
    Photos from Summer 2001. Party at Aguye on Aug 2, villages of Lourmarin and Bonnieux, farmers' market, and Luberon hike on Aug 13.
    157 photos by Philippe Lamoise

    Project Mercy Jun 9, 2001
    The Torrey Pines Rotary club sponsored the construction of a house in Tijuana. We went in with volunteers to do the work.
    60 photos by Philippe Lamoise

    Operation Malawi May 25 to Jun 1, 2001
    Photos from the 2001 trip to Malawi for the delivery of orthopedic surgery equipment all over the country with a team of Rotarians from District 5340. We went to Lilongwe, Blantyre, and all district hospitals in the country. Also stopped for a safari at Mvuu Camp.
    Thousands of photos by team members

    Snowball Express Feb 3 to 7, 2001
    A skiing trip to Park City, Utah, with Rotarians from District 5340, most of them from Club 33.
    77 photos by Philippe Lamoise

    Prague Dec 16 to 17, 2000
    Weekend in Prague mid-december 2000, I had the pleasure of visiting Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar Ana de Montvert, who was studying in Prague.
    61 photos by Philippe Lamoise

    San Diego Hiking Circa 2000
    Hiking with Tom Flowers and Jim Likes at the Torrey Pines Reserve, ending on the beach.
    19 photos by Philippe Lamoise

    North San Francisco Coastal Apr 9 to 11, 1999
    A long week-end to San Francisco with a side trip on the California Coast, north up to Mendocino, organized by Karine. Some French friends from Oregon joined us. Some of the pictures are from Karine. It rained all Saturday, we were soaked! But Sunday was nice.
    26 photos by Philippe Lamoise

    International Relief Teams - San Quintin October 24 to 26, 1997
    Team Members: Anne, Hope, Jim, Kevin, Philippe, Sam.
    Pictures: - A lot of children in the village.
    - A few views from the village.
    - A meeting with the community leaders.
    - Some work performed during the week end.
    - Other camps of agricultural workers around San Quintin.
    37 photos by Philippe Lamoise

    This album is a collection of photos of me, most of them sent to me by friends. Here they are in a central location.
    5 photos

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